Developing Digital Portfolios at Grade 10 (2006-2007)

The following points are pertinent to development of the Grade 10 Digital Portfolio at ISD this year:
Grade 10 students will be expected to continue to develop the portfolios they created in Grade 9. These use the ISDWeblogs (See for further examples)
However, as an alternative they may elect to use a wiki as per the new Grade 9 digital portfolio implementation this year. Please discuss with your students what they may prefer.

Whatever format the students choose the following needs to be included in the portfolio:
  • All subjects should be represented with at least one artefact (work sample) and a reflection on that artefact
  • The areas of interaction should be featured in some way, including an outline of the students involvement with Community and Service
  • The personal statement should be updated this year
  • A new page should be created for the Personal Project and appropriate work and links uploaded
  • Consideration needs to be given to navigation and design issues that some students did not address very well last year
  • Consideration may also be given to the development of multimedia artefacts and making them accessible on the weblog/wiki, including pictures, animations, sound and videos

Students could also consider how they might use the weblog/wiki itself in their academic work. The online format has more scope than using it only for the digital portfolio.
For example:
  • The discussion section of their weblog/wiki can be used in conjunction with other teachers and subjects for online discussion or journal work
  • Other pages can be created to represent work, or work in progress that does not have to link in with the digital portfolio work, the latter being a representative set of examples for a particular purpose
  • A detailed list of references could be established and maintained as a resource for all subjects
  • Special interest pages could be created to represent hobbies and other areas of focus in the students’ lives

Tutors will be responsible for ensuring they meet certain deadlines as per other students in the school in the development of their portfolio for this year. Here is a digital portfolio checklist to download:
Help can be sought from the ICT department during advisory or other curriculum lessons for portfolio development.

- Last updated October 2006 (JUL)