Creating a Digital Portfolio using a Wiki

A wiki is a website that can be used for presentation of material and for collaboration. For your digital portfolio in 2006-2007 you will start a personal wiki at In order to get an advertisement-free and free to you wiki for educational use, c/o wikispaces,

open this page:

Wikis in the Classroom

(do not go to independently)

You will find a form to fill in that looks like this:


  • For Space Name you must use your own name (first and last) joined into one work e.g. AhmedSmith
  • For Space Visibility select Protected (free)
  • Tick the Educational Use box
  • Now select Create

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just started your new wiki and taken the first step towards developing your online digital portfolio.

More information can be found at these hyperlinks:
* What can be included in a digital portfolio?
- Last updated October 2006